AfriBlocks Partners with Push Consulting & Marketing (USA)

By Tongayi Choto on September, 11 2020
AfriBlocks Partners with Push Consulting & Marketing (USA)
Tongayi Choto
Tongayi Choto

Today, AfriBlocks announced a new partnership with Push Consulting & Marketing (PCM) to utilize PCM’s Push Social social media management platform for its customers and freelancers.

AfriBlocks already boasts a robust network of freelancers, and premium access to the Push Social platform will only boost their abilities. Push Social is an easy to use social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help grow brands and spur social media engagement. AfriBlocks will be offering Push Social as an exclusive tool to its digital and social media marketing customers.

The platform includes a suite of intuitive features to improve publishing, analytics, engagement, and teamwork. Push Social exists to help social media marketers and teams to work more efficiently and improve their results.

This partnership will help AfriBlocks in its mission to deliver quality, affordable work from some of Africa’s finest freelancers. The Push Social platform will further fortify AfriBlocks deliverables and provide a state-of-the-art social media management tool that will enhance efficiency. The collaboration will be sure to improve the services offered to clients around the world.


About AfriBlocks

AfriBlocks is a freelance marketplace and collaboration platform that allows African freelance professionals to provide remote services to clients worldwide at an affordable price.

About Push Consulting & Marketing 

Push Consulting & Marketing is a full-service digital agency specializing in marketing & brand development. We possess the experience and expertise to drive powerful results for our clients through innovative growth strategies.


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