AfriBlocks Selected as Google Black Founders Fund Recipient

Taking a startup from an idea to a thriving business can be a long, lonely journey. Our founders Tongayi Choto and Roger Roman, know this better than anyone. Nevertheless, they persevere and continue to lay a firm foundation for the future of work via a veritable SaaS-enabled freelance marketplace powered by African talent. 

AfriBlocks recently received some recognition and boost from tech giant Google in its quest to better serve freelancers and customers. AfriBlocks has been presented with a $100,000 cash award as part of Google’s US Black Founders Fund. This award consists of non-dilutive funding and hands-on support from Google for Startups. “It’s such an honor to be announced as part of this year’s Google for Startups U.S. Black Founders Fund,” said Roman. “From technical support to a network of incredible startups, we’re thrilled to have access to these resources.”

Selection for this distinguished recognition included the strength of the founder’s application, startup size, readiness for funding, whether Google could uniquely support AfriBlocks aside from the capital, and less than $3M in funding raised in total. Also considered was the demonstrated need for funding as some recipients may be put in more difficult fundraising positions than others because of the pandemic.

Partners and past participants nominated recipients in the Google for Startups network. “When Black founders get adequate funding and support, it goes a long way,” said Choto, adding to Roman’s zeal. “We’re thrilled to carry forward that impact as we build the tech infrastructure for Africa’s future of work.”