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2023 Freelancers’ Summit – a Must-Attend for African Freelancers

Are you an African freelancer looking to increase your skill set and maximize your potential? Join us for the third edition of the Freelancers’ Summit, where you can learn the fundamentals and best practices of web 3.0 technology and how to use it to collaborate remotely and make the most of your work. The summit is hosted annually by AfriBlocks, with invitations extended to individuals and organizations with an interest in Africa’s future of work. 

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AfriBlocks Offers 20% Discount in Celebration of Black Business Month

August marks Black Business Month and AfriBlocks joins the world in the celebration of black-owned businesses. Black people, and by extension, the businesses they own, have faced systemic challenges that have hampered the growth of black-owned businesses. August has been set aside as the month during which black businesses and their achievements are celebrated.

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AfriBlocks to Host Global Blockchain Career Fair in Washington DC

The 5th Black Blockchain Summit is around the corner, and AfriBlocks will be hosting the Global Blockchain Career Fair during this year’s celebration of the summit. The career fair will be held at Howard University in Washington DC between the 23rd and 24th of September 2022. The career fair will bring together students from HBCUs and African Universities to meet with organizations and corporations in the blockchain space and discuss the roles that may be available for these students as these global organizations seek to expand their teams.

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AfriBlocks’ 2nd Annual Freelancers’ Summit 2022 is Here

AfriBlocks will be hosting the 2nd annual Freelancers’ Summit between the 6th and 7th of May 2022. The summit is an opportunity for professionals around the world to network and share ideas. Creating a network of like-minded professionals is a key component of the steps that need to be taken in a bid to advance the ideas that will change the future of Africa. 

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AfriBlocks Selected as Google Black Founders Fund Recipient

Taking a startup from an idea to a thriving business can be a long, lonely journey. Our founders Tongayi Choto and Roger Roman, know this better than anyone. Nevertheless, they persevere and continue to lay a firm foundation for the future of work via a veritable SaaS-enabled freelance marketplace powered by African talent. 

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