2023 Freelancers’ Summit – a Must-Attend for African Freelancers
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

Are you an African freelancer looking to increase your skill set and maximize your potential? Join us for the third edition of the Freelancers’ Summit, where you can learn the fundamentals and best practices of web 3.0 technology and how to use it to collaborate remotely and make the most of your work. The summit is hosted annually by AfriBlocks, with invitations extended to individuals and organizations with an interest in Africa’s future of work. 

The Freelancers’ Summit is a platform for connecting businesses and freelancers. It provides an opportunity for businesses and freelancers to find each other and build authentic relationships in a fast, easy, and convenient way. Through the summit and AfriBlocks’ platform, businesses can find the right person for the job, and freelancers can find the perfect client to work with. Both parties can benefit from the platform’s advice and services, such as payment systems, portfolio reviews, freelancer referrals, and mentorship opportunities. The summit aims to discuss issues surrounding the world of freelancers and find solutions that benefit both African professionals and businesses that need their services. 

The 3rd Annual Freelancers Summit is running under the theme of “Freelancing Entrepreneurship and Beyond”, with the goal of empowering freelancers to explore the limitless possibilities of the self-employment lifestyle. The event will focus on providing resources and guidance for freelancers and entrepreneurs to gain the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their own success. This summit will offer participants exclusive access to industry professionals, inspirational speakers, and an array of resources such as workshops, networking events, and special deals. Attendees can expect to leave the event inspired and prepared to maximize their creative potential.

This year’s Freelancers Summit will be held between the 5th and 6th of May and is set to be one of the most significant free-agency meetups in recent memory. It will be a powerful celebration of collaboration, community, and education with best-in-class programming from some of the top minds in entrepreneurship and freelancing. Highlights of the event include inspirational keynotes and workshops, networking opportunities, the latest industry trends and technologies, and exclusive deals on services and products. The 2023 Freelancers’ Summit is the perfect opportunity to make your mark in the freelancing world.

Attending the 2023 Freelancers’ Summit is a great way to increase your knowledge about the African freelance industry and standard practices across the global scene when it concerns hiring talent. You will learn the fundamentals, best practices, and tips for successfully collaborating remotely and optimizing your digital workflows. Additionally, you’ll gain the added bonus of connecting with like-minded people from the African continent and beyond to form meaningful pathways for collaboration.

The Freelancers’ Summit provides its attendees with a variety of partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Potential partners can receive access to the latest tools and platforms to help them manage their projects and better understand the digital landscape. Additionally, potential sponsors will have the chance to network with key industry figures and access a wide range of industry-specific resources, all while supporting AfriBlocks’ African freelancers’ community.

Freelancing is often seen as a stepping stone to entrepreneurship and can be an excellent way to get experience in launching, managing, and growing a business. Freelancers are able to benefit from the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs, who can provide advice regarding financing, strategy, and marketing. Freelance projects can also serve as an opportunity to test out ideas and gain valuable feedback from real customers, providing valuable data points for entrepreneurs hoping to develop their business ideas.
You can view highlights from the 2022 Freelancers’ Summit here. If you need more information about the summit and how you can become a part of it, you can email or

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