AfriBlocks’ 2nd Annual Freelancers’ Summit 2022 is Here

By AfriBlocks Network on April, 20 2022
AfriBlocks’ 2nd Annual Freelancers’ Summit 2022 is Here
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

AfriBlocks will be hosting the 2nd annual Freelancers’ Summit between the 6th and 7th of May 2022. The summit is an opportunity for professionals around the world to network and share ideas. Creating a network of like-minded professionals is a key component of the steps that need to be taken in a bid to advance the ideas that will change the future of Africa. 

Reimagining the Future of Work

The 2nd edition of the Freelancers’ Summit will be held over 2 days, with the first day of the summit being fully virtual and the second day being in person. The theme of the 2022 edition of the summit is “Reimagining the Future of Work” and speakers at the summit will be looking at the transforming work landscape around the globe. There are various factors that are forcing changes in how we approach work. The advent of Web 3 and the Covid-19 pandemic are some of these factors. 

Due to the increasing digitization of the world, several of the processes that were previously considered important for work have been made redundant. The pandemic made this more apparent as many businesses came to realize that their employees could work from their homes or any location of their choosing. As a result of these changes, the future of work looks different, and it is these changes that the summit will be looking to take a look at.

Speakers at the 2022 summit

While the summit is called the Freelancers’ Summit, it provides an opportunity for all professionals to learn about things that will assist them in their careers. The 2022 edition will be graced by speakers from around the world, all of whom are leaders in their own spaces. Some of the speakers who will be at the summit include Miles Henderson (founder of True Culture University), Brandon Quinn (Product Manager at LinkedIn), Vanessa Da Costa (founder and CEO at Chilombo Career Services), and John Lee (co-founder of Work From Anywhere), all of whom will be speaking on the first day of the summit. Speakers on the 2nd day of the summit include Patrick Maseko (Group Corporate Affairs and Entrepreneurship Officer at Old Mutual), Anesu Mutasa (Innovation Consultant), Michelina Chindiya (Private Wealth Manager), and Valentine Muhamba (Editor of TechZim). 

There are a variety of topics that will be discussed at the summit, all tying into the future of work and how African startups in particular can place themselves in prime position for this future. While AfriBlocks is primarily a platform for freelancers, the summit is open to all professionals that are interested in further developing their careers and preparing for what the working world will look like after the next couple of decades. 

There are changes in technology and in social aspects of life that are fundamentally changing how the world approaches work. Africa is slated to be the center of the world’s next economic phase and as such, professionals on the continent need to be equipped with the necessary tools for this future. There are emerging trends that provide some insight into what this future looks like, and it is these trends that the summit will be discussing in greater detail. For more information about the summit and how you can become a part of it, visit

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