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Accoleisure: Zimbabwe’s Groundbreaking Digital Directory

“It all came to me in a dream,” Dr. Fanuel Murove, CEO and founder of Accoleisure, says as he begins to describe how he came up with this innovative idea. Zimbabwe is a country that boasts a wide variety of tourist destinations, including one of the Seven Wonders Of The World but has little information available about its gems. Despite having so many beautiful sights that have the potential to attract admirers from all over the world, there isn’t enough information available to these potential patrons on where they can go if they decide to visit. 

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5 Ways Project Managers Make It Easier To Work with Freelancers

As a business owner, you will be running several projects as you grow. What is a project? It is a short-term undertaking to create a product or provide a service that is not part of day-to-day business operations. You don’t need any complex methodology to run a project, but you may need a project manager to help you handle it. As an entrepreneur, you are likely very busy, and having someone to oversee your projects will provide you some time to focus on other essential tasks. 

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Building Your Graphic Design Career on AfriBlocks

At AfriBlocks, we can connect you with a broad range of freelance service providers. One of the most popular services offered is graphic design, which makes sense when you understand that excellent graphic design is key to building a professional brand.

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AfriBlocks Selected as Google Black Founders Fund Recipient

Taking a startup from an idea to a thriving business can be a long, lonely journey. Our founders Tongayi Choto and Roger Roman, know this better than anyone. Nevertheless, they persevere and continue to lay a firm foundation for the future of work via a veritable SaaS-enabled freelance marketplace powered by African talent. 

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5 Self-Taught Freelance Career Ideas

Have you been thinking about adding to your skillset? This could be a valuable course of action because you could take your new skills and get paid by applying them as a freelancer. Not only can new skills equate new money. You will be more satisfied as an individual and your overall quality of life will improve. Times may be rough right now, but there has never been more opportunity. Most skills can be learned online for next to nothing. Here are a few ideas for some self-taught freelance careers.

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Why Hiring a Freelancer is Better Than a Digital Marketing Agency

Now more than ever, digital marketing is vital to the success of a company. If you are unfamiliar, digital marketing is advertising goods, services, and your brand through virtual channels such as social media, websites, and other platforms. It stands to reason that as a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You may not have the time or energy to devote to handling your brand’s digital marketing on your own, so you should look into outsourcing. However, should you go with a digital marketing agency or a freelancer? While an agency with all its resources may be enticing, a freelancer can get the job done for you for much less. 

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Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Side Hustle

In this day and age, your regular 9-to-5 may not be cutting it for you in more ways than one. You may need more streams of revenue to live the life you want. Also, your job may not be fulfilling you as a unique human being with interests outside of your occupation. You may have considered starting a side hustle to supplement your finances and desires. You weren’t wrong. Though it will be more work, a profitable side hustle is attainable and could lead you to more satisfaction in life even with your current occupation. 

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Africa and The Future Of Work Report 2021

If you ask any founder, one thing that is key to building a startup is data. Besides asking yourself about your numbers, projections or customer acquisition cost (to mention a few metrics), you also need to know how big your market is or at least how big the problem is that you are solving.

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