5 Ways Project Managers Make It Easier To Work with Freelancers

By Tongayi Choto on September, 29 2021
5 Ways Project Managers Make It Easier To Work with Freelancers
Tongayi Choto
Tongayi Choto

As a business owner, you will be running several projects as you grow. What is a project? It is a short-term undertaking to create a product or provide a service that is not part of day-to-day business operations. You don’t need any complex methodology to run a project, but you may need a project manager to help you handle it. As an entrepreneur, you are likely very busy, and having someone to oversee your projects will provide you some time to focus on other essential tasks. 

At AfriBlocks, you are equipped with a project manager for each project, and for good reason. Your AfriBlocks project manager acts as a liaison between you and the freelancer, helping you to bring your project to life as efficiently as possible. 

Here are five reasons why We at AfriBlocks believe having a project manager is a benefit to your business:

1. A point of contact

Your project manager should be the central figure of your project. They will distribute information and updates to your project team, business leaders, and the project customer. All communications will be handled regarding the project and get them to the proper place. 

2. Manage time and costs

The project manager’s main job is to ensure the project is delivered on time and within the budget. With Afriblocks, your project manager will negotiate a price for your project with the freelancer and let you know what it is at the onset. They will also manage the most critical element of the project: time. The project manager takes on the challenge of overseeing the project team members’ day-to-day responsibilities and setting the schedule. 

3. Keeping the project on track

The project manager’s job is to protect the project’s integrity from start to finish and make sure it lines up with your end goal. The project manager establishes the project timeline(s) and manages the team’s progress, ensuring everything is delivered at certain times throughout the project. The project manager will also improve the organization of your project, thus making any problems visible and preventing vital information from getting lost. Having a project manager also cuts down on last-minute requests from your client that could throw off your team. 

4. Deal with potential risks

No matter the project, the possibility of risks is always there, no matter how well-planned it is. It is part of the project manager’s job to identify those risks and their impact, then plan to avoid them or manage them. This risk management will reduce undesirable consequences. 

5. Close the project

When you are satisfied with the end product, the project manager will deliver the project to you in the form you need and close the project. Should you enlist AfriBlocks again for other projects, the project manager will start the process again from beginning to end. 

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