Growth Hacking: A Gamechanger for Startups

By AfriBlocks Network on September, 23 2022
Growth Hacking: A Gamechanger for Startups
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

Building and growing a business is an endeavor that requires careful planning and execution of the ideas behind your brand. The digital space in which today’s businesses exist allows you to reach more customers at a much faster rate than was possible a few decades ago. While the existence of internet-based resources creates opportunities that can help a business grow, it is not always clear-cut. 

Startups usually do not have the resources that can allow them to participate in the traditional marketing space. Conventional marketing strategies are mostly capital intensive and most startups do not have large budgets for marketing. Growth hacking allows startups and small businesses to use “light” marketing strategies that help them reach their client base while remaining within the confines of a small budget. 

Data and Growth Hacking Go Hand in Hand 

The methodology applied by growth hackers (or growth marketers) relies heavily on the data that is collected in the digital spaces of a brand. The data is analyzed to see areas in which a business is performing well and where performance could be improved. Data is one of the most important and valuable commodities we have today because when it’s put to good use, it can add value to any business. 

Some of the growth marketing tactics that are popular are e-mail marketing, endorsements on social media, cross-listing on digital platforms, and SEO management among others. The main characteristic that brings all of these different methods together is that they all seek to reach as many customers as possible. When clients are reached, they are constantly reminded and updated about anything related to your business. This not only creates open lines of communication between the business and its customers but also keeps you at the forefront of their thoughts. 

Identifying Growth Hack Tools for a Startup/Small Business

It is important to look at the different growth hack tools and see which ones might work best for your particular business model. Some growth marketing strategies may not be a good fit for your brand. Identifying the most effective strategies for your line of work and focusing on developing them is likely to bring your the results that you need. 

To identify the strategy that works for you, you must study your target market first and see which marketing channels they are likely to respond to. When you have identified a potential method through which you can reach your target market, apply it consistently. Consistency is key as it makes customers associate you with reliability. You are also able to track results better when you have regular sets of data from which you can draw. 

The low-cost setup and versatility of growth hacking methods mean that you are flexible enough to switch from one to another depending on need. If you try e-mail marketing, for example, and realize that it is not working for your startup, don’t be hesitant to leave it and try other methods. Try as many of the growth marketing strategies available to you until you have a clear understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Constant and consistent growth are some of the immediate goals of any organization. Traditional marketing methods may not be the best approach for startups and small businesses, so growth hacking may be the best route for them. Stay consistent in your application of the growth marketing strategies you choose and use the data you collect as your feedback to inform your next decisions. Give your startup the best possible chance of growing to its full potential using growth hacking.

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