AfriBlocks’ Freelancers Summit: The Career Builder For African Freelancers

By AfriBlocks Network on November, 21 2022
AfriBlocks’ Freelancers Summit: The Career Builder For African Freelancers
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

The Freelancers’ Summit is an annual event that is hosted by AfriBlocks. The goal of the summit is to bring together freelancers and organizations that hire freelance talent in a space that allows career-building conversations. In 2023, AfriBlocks will host the third edition of the summit, an event that continues to grow year after year. 

Why is the summit important? 

Freelance and remote work gigs have become popular as a form of employment for professionals around the globe. The AfriBlocks network is a community-oriented platform that offers African talent access to work in their fields of expertise. The nature of the work we do means that freelancers rarely get to meet their colleagues in person. The summit is there to provide freelance talent with a space where they can meet and discuss issues around the industry. 

The summit also invites industry leaders and experts to have panel discussions on topical issues affecting the future of work. The goal is to arm African freelancers with the information that can help them increase participation in the global economy. Through this, the summit becomes an educational program for African professionals

Who should attend the summit? 

Digital technologies have gone a long way in connecting professionals from different parts of the world. As a result, global companies use the available tech systems to seek the best talent from all over the world in a bid to continuously grow their companies. Over the last few years, demand for African talent has gone up and we expect this to continue over the next decades. This is because Africa is currently home to the youngest population in the world, and these young individuals will fill the talent needs globally. 

The Freelancers’ Summit is a must-attend event for all African professionals that want to stay ahead of the curve with regard to their careers. The summit provides valuable first-hand insights from industry leaders and companies that work with AfriBlocks’ freelancers. The right information is a priceless tool for any professional regardless of the particular industry in which you work, and we have it in abundance at the Freelancers’ Summit. 

How can one play an official role at the summit? 

The summit brings together stakeholders from different industries in an effort to create a comprehensive dialogue that is all-encompassing for all African professionals. Speakers at the summit are usually invited from partners of AfriBlocks, notable industry leaders, and entrepreneurs that are transforming the business landscape on the continent. 

Corporates, startups, and any other businesses that would like to partner with AfriBlocks or sponsor the summit can get in touch with the AfriBlocks team at or through any of our social media platforms. There are different packages that can be offered to a potential sponsor or partner, and these can be availed through AfriBlocks’ admins. 

As AfriBlocks, we are focused on building the infrastructure that will serve Africa’s future of work. The Freelancers’ Summit is a platform that brings together African freelancers to discuss various issues around their careers. Watch highlights from the 2022 edition of the summit as we gear for a bigger and better Freelancers’ Summit in 2023.

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