Product Development Needs to Focus on the Delivery of Convenience

By AfriBlocks Network on August, 17 2022
Product Development Needs to Focus on the Delivery of Convenience
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In the process of product development, convenience has become one of the major aspects that brands have to consider. We live in a society that now considers convenience to be one of the biggest draws toward a product or a service. Companies such as Amazon have only driven the need for convenience upwards as they have, and continue to, offer high levels of ease of access to their clientele. 

The startups that scale faster, and see their product reach the market quicker, are those that disrupt existing industries by offering unprecedented levels of convenience. Another example of a service that scaled quickly because of the level of convenience it offered is Uber. In order to develop a product(s) that will satisfy the target market, convenience has to be at the center of the thought processes around said product. What are some of the factors that are driving the need for more convenient products and services? 

Factors influencing the need for convenience 

  1. Technology and digitization

With each passing day, more aspects of our daily lives are becoming more digitized. With this digitization comes a growth in the use of digital products for daily activities. The products that we use for these daily activities are readily available at the click of a button and this has created a deeper desire for easily accessible products across the board. 

Technological improvements are also influencing growth in the inclination towards convenience. More people around the world have access to technologies that have the ability to complete tasks so they don’t have to. All this works together to increase the appetite that consumers have for products and services that offer high levels of convenience in their use. 

  1. The need for a reduction in time and effort 

We live in a rapidly-paced society where the majority of people feel like they do not have as much time as they used to. Furthermore, people would rather put effort into things that bring them personal success and satisfaction rather than in activities that can be considered mundane. This can be seen in the rise of the popularity of services that do away with the need for an individual to travel, for example. Another example of products that are perceived as time-saving, and by extension convenient, would be frozen meals

  1. The availability of personalization and customization 

Traditional access to products and services usually provides the same commodity for all the customers. However, the increase in the use of new-age technologies means that businesses are able to give their clients more customized goods and services. A tailor-made product will almost always perform better than a generic one on the market. 

When a business is able to avail a custom-made product to their clients, it means that they are able to improve the satisfaction that a customer draws from it. A product or service that scores higher on the satisfaction scale is more likely to be viewed as more convenient than those that rank lower. When working on the development of a product, pay attention to how easily your product can be tailored to the needs of the different customers that will approach your business. 

Convenience has become one of the most sought-after properties when people are looking for products or services to use. Ease of access, usability, and customization are some of the convenient qualities that people look for today. Convenience has become so important that consumers are willing to pay more for products that bring convenience with them. Make sure that you factor in the convenience aspect when you are working on the development of your products.

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