5 Skills that can Boost your Freelance Career

By AfriBlocks Network on December, 16 2022
5 Skills that can Boost your Freelance Career
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

Wrapping up the year gives us time to reflect on the year past and prepare for the year to come. Part of this phase is looking at the work one has done through the year and seeing what can be done to continue improving one’s career. The skills that are usually hired on a freelance basis are specialized skillets that businesses around the globe need. 

In a recent AfriBlocks survey, 98% of the freelancers that responded revealed that they would like to learn a new skill in line with their current career. Improving skillsets or learning entirely new skills can improve the trajectory of one’s career. At AfriBlocks, ensuring that African freelancers are in a position to compete in the global work market is one of our priorities. We look at some of the skills that freelancers need to learn to place themselves in a position to fill the global demand for skills. 

  1. Product management

Businesses that sell products and services which are in high demand are likely to have strong competition. To set your product apart, there may be a need to hire a product manager to improve your market position. Product managers are hired to further identify the needs of customers and marry them with the broader objectives of the business. This role can be filled on a freelance or permanent basis depending on the needs of a client. As a freelancer, learning product management can put you in a good position for career growth. 

  1. Digital strategy 

No matter which part of the world you are in, the digital space is a crucial part of today’s businesses. Wherever you look, companies are looking to hire digital marketing and strategy experts. The main reason behind this is that digital marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching your client base. No matter the industry you are in or the skillset that you sell, understanding digital strategies will give you an advantage when clients reach out to you. 

  1. Data visualization (also called data communicator/data storyteller)

Data, and all its associated components, is a major driver of today’s work world. When data is available, businesses can use it to improve their performance. Sometimes, packaging the data in a way that makes it easy to read and understand is all that is needed. A person armed with data visualization skills is able to analyze, understand, and package available data in such a way that it becomes easier for other people to understand the same data. Data visualization can be paired with other data skills such as data mining to offer your clients a more comprehensive service when they hire you. 

  1. Writing/Copywriting 

There is a common misconception about writing as a skill. Many people believe that it is a skill that has lost value over time. This could not be further from the truth as there is a constant and significant demand for writers. Visual content, such as video and images, has become more dominant and preferable for consumers. Regardless, there is still a significant demand for copywriting as most of this content is accompanied by some writing. Outside of the content that is consumed by the public, good writing skills help you to communicate with your clients better. It is a skill that will always be useful. 

  1. Cybersecurity/Information Protection

Data informs every step that is taken in today’s digital space. The fact that data can be used to make decisions worth millions or billions of dollars makes data one of the most valuable things today. As a result, companies globally are investing heavily in cybersecurity so that they can protect the data they have from hackers that then go on to sell the data sets illegally. As digital spaces continue to grow and rely on data as a building block, demand for cybersecurity and information protection professionals can only grow.

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