5 Transferable Skills for Freelancers and How to Improve Them

By AfriBlocks Network on June, 3 2022
5 Transferable Skills for Freelancers and How to Improve Them
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

Transferable skills are some of the most important skills that any professional has to have. As a freelancer that is likely to move from one project to the next, these skills are even more important as they may be the difference between you and the next professional. While there are many transferable skills that one can have, here are some of the vital ones that any freelancer has to master in order to set themself apart from the rest of the field. 

  1. Sharpen your communications skills 

Most freelance work is remote and for a remote team to function at its very best, there is a need for constant and clear communication. Without good communication within the team, efficiency in achieving targets and goals is affected. Good communication involves knowing which pieces of information are essential to relay to the right team members. Asking questions and seeking out information that can help you is also part of the communications skills you need to develop as a freelancer. If need be, take a communications skills course as this will help you improve the way you communicate with the people you work with. 

  1. Work on your research skills

No matter what exactly you do, you will need to have good research skills for you to become a good freelancer. There are a few advantages that come with possessing good research skills. When you are in conversation with a potential client, your research skills will help you know the client better and by extension, have a clear understanding of their needs. Regardless of the industry in which a client operates, good research skills will always serve you well. 

  1. Be adaptable 

If you are a freelancer, it is most probable that you will be working in several different environments over the course of your career. The constant changes in work environments require you to be adaptable. Without adaptability, you will be great in one workspace and struggle in a different one. As your work conditions and the cultures in which you work change, you also need to change to suit each one. To be the best freelancer you can be, be adaptable. 

  1. Know your way around the relevant technology, and more 

The world of a freelancer revolves around the use of technology to connect and create workspaces, and you are better off when you know your way around the tech applicable to your industry. This includes knowing and understanding apps that are used by other professionals in the industry. The more you develop an understanding of the relevant tech, the easier it becomes for you to integrate into any team around the globe. The right tech makes your job easier and transforms you into a more efficient freelancer. Make sure that you take time to learn about any technology that is relevant to your work. 

  1. Plan and organize

When you are a freelancer, it is likely that you will be juggling a couple of projects simultaneously, and or you to be effective across the board, you need to be organized. There are several ways through which you can organize your work such as keeping a diary, using project management tools, and setting reminders for everything. These organizational methods also allow you to plan ahead regarding the tasks that you have to execute. Planning ahead and always being organized keeps you ahead of your work and ensures that you do not miss anything that you are supposed to do. Always try to use an organizer to keep track of your projects and break down your tasks into pieces you can take stage by stage. 

By working on these transferable skills, you improve your prospects of becoming a better freelancer with each passing day. These skills will help you improve your profile as a freelancer and become a great addition to any team. Take time as often as you can to actively work on your transferable skills as they are just as important as any skills you possess.

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