Founders' Spotlight: Building a Safer Digital Landscape with Kyle Rose (CyberAI Corp)

By AfriBlocks Network on November, 9 2023
Founders' Spotlight: Building a Safer Digital Landscape with Kyle Rose (CyberAI Corp)
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

In a world where cybercrime and offline scams are on the rise, Kyle Rose, the founder of CyberAI Corp, is on a mission to make a difference. With a passion for exposing criminals and helping people safeguard their hard-earned money, Kyle has built a startup that focuses on raising awareness and providing advice to combat fraud and scams. In this interview, we delve into Kyle's motivations, challenges, and words of wisdom for aspiring founders.

The Motivation and Drive: 

Kyle's motivation to launch CyberAI Corp stemmed from his desire to make a difference in combating cybercrime and exposing offline scams. He recognized the need to empower individuals by providing them with knowledge and tools to safeguard their hard-earned money. With a focus on social media and everyday scams, CyberAI Corp aims to raise awareness and offer practical advice to combat fraudulent activities. Additionally, he aimed to shed light on everyday offline scams that were causing people to lose substantial amounts of money.

“I was looking to make a difference in exposing cybercriminals, especially on social media, and to highlight everyday offline scams that people were losing thousands of dollars to and providing advice on how to avoid this,” said Kyle Rose. In a bid to simplify the learning process for children and the elderly, CyberAI Corp released a book titled ‘Cyber Ollie’s Ultimate Guide: Frauds & Scams’. The book makes it easier for the target demographics to understand the different types of scams, online and offline, that exist and how they can protect themself better from perpetrators of those crimes. 

Exciting Times Ahead:

What excites Kyle the most about his venture is the opportunity for partnerships. By collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals, he can amplify the reach of his message and educate a wider audience. Kyle believes that through collective efforts, people can feel empowered to safeguard their finances and stay one step ahead of scammers. Building a network of allies who share the goal of fighting fraud and scams enables them to reach a wider audience and create a more significant positive change.

Building a Winning Team:

Growing the team posed a significant challenge for Kyle. Finding the right people who shared his vision and had the required expertise was crucial. Additionally, assembling a team capable of developing the necessary software to combat cybercrime requires careful selection and collaboration. Overcoming this challenge involved a meticulous search for individuals who understood the market opportunity and were passionate about fighting fraud.

Future Plans for Team Building and Scaling:

To scale his team in the future, Kyle plans to search for individuals who understand the market opportunity and share his passion for combating fraud, both online and offline. He actively seeks out like-minded people by attending networking events and conferences. By expanding his team with individuals who align with his mission, Kyle aims to strengthen his startup's impact.

A Word for Fellow Founders:

As advice to aspiring founders, “never be afraid to share a piece of the pie. Work with others to build something great. No one is an island.” He emphasizes the importance of working with others to build something great, as no one can achieve success alone. Kyle believes that it is “better to split millions with a team than to have only a few thousand on your own. Finding good co-founders should be a top priority for any startup.”

You can follow CyberAI Corp on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel

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