Kscope is the Yellow Pages for African Businesses

By Tongayi Choto on June, 4 2021
Kscope is the Yellow Pages for African Businesses
Tongayi Choto
Tongayi Choto

At AfriBlocks, we provide African talent to the continent and beyond. Through our platform, we have come across remarkable companies with a similar dedication to spread Africa to the world. They have brought their visions to life by creating African-based forums in various locations globally that bring the Motherland right to your doorstep. 

Yvonne Ben Udowa does exactly this with her company The Kscope. It is an online hub with a growing community of over 10,000 people who have an appreciation and love for African cultures. Based in one of the four of Canada’s largest cities, these African businesses are thriving as experiences and products are made accessible through the ever-growing platform. 

Yvonne Ben Kscope

Most recently, The Kscope Shopping Directory, a digital marketing and e-commerce hub devoted to small to medium-sized African food and fashion businesses, was launched. It is coined as “the Yellow Pages for African businesses,” but with the incredible option to shop while you browse! In five years, Kscope aims to be the number one spot for all your African food and fashion experiences. On top of that, there is an exciting option where one can locate African service providers within these Canadian cities. 

Yvonne’s inspiration to start this platform began with her own desire to exhibit her African print closet as well as other African brands within Canada. The decision to marry African food was born later on and blended in seamlessly. Yvonne describes how it was bound to happen, as it takes her back to African celebrations, weddings, parties, you name it! The experience of being dressed in traditional wear only feels like a complete picture if you have a taste of the local cuisine. 

Yvonne discovered AfriBlocks while she was scrolling through Instagram and found an ad that was speaking directly to her and her needs for Kscope. She filled in the form, received an email soon after, and has been connected with us ever since!

Yvonne Ben Kscope

Kscope typically outsources its marketing from AfriBlocks and has had a tremendous experience with our freelancers. Yvonne has more time to cater to other parts of her growing business; she has been more productive and can now manage her time more effectively than before through AfriBlocks. 

With Yvonne’s exciting experience, her advice to freelancers is, “Get exposure, get your services listed, and put the word out there. So many people are looking for African talent. Try getting listed on platforms like AfriBlocks to give you an edge and get you in front of customers like myself who are looking for talents.” 

Whether you are in Canada or know someone who is, The Kscope website is teeming with incredible fashion brands and African food that will have you shopping to your heart’s content, as you have a taste of home or something new! 

Connecting with amazing clients such as Yvonne keeps us at AfriBlocks excited for the next listing. Our freelancers team up with companies that aim to go above and beyond, which is what we always aim to do.  



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