Building Your Personal Portfolio Website

By Taurai Minodawafa on February, 11 2022
Building Your Personal Portfolio Website
Taurai Minodawafa
Taurai Minodawafa

Making a personal portfolio website is a great way to create a great resume that showcases your creativity or gains new clientele. It gives you a way to showcase the services you offer, your best creative work, favorite projects and notable accomplishments. 

Here, we will go over what a personal portfolio website is, what it consists of and how to set one up. 

What Is It?

You may be asking yourself, what is a personal portfolio website? Simply put, it is a professional website that tells visitors what you do, what services you offer and how to get in touch with you. 

Portfolio websites are a simple way to promote yourself, your brand or your business. It’s pretty much an accessible, sharable digital business card and project portfolio all in one that drives results. Your visibility will be increased for anyone interested in you to find you organically.

What Should Be Displayed On Your Personal Portfolio Website

You know why you should create a personal portfolio website now, but what should be included? Don’t fret. We have a list that should make it easier for you to figure out.

Your Offerings

For example, if you are a digital creator who offers freelance services, you’ll want to display all of your best digital designs, photos or web projects. If you have a product for sale, you should spell out what your brand represents, who it’s for and what problem(s) you solve for potential customers. 

Your Best Work

You’ll want to show off all your best work and favorite projects. To do this, remember quality over quantity. Sharing everything can leave visitors overwhelmed and ultimately turn them off.

Add A Personal Touch

Highlight and focus on your professional services, goals accomplishments. At the same time, don’t hesitate to add some personality and be yourself while staying on-brand. You will stand out this way.

Where To Find You Online

To increase exposure, audience and chances of being noticed, you should cross-promote over different platforms. You should include all relevant social media links and other links where potential patrons can find your work.

How To Build A Personal Portfolio Website

Are you ready to personalize a website to promote your portfolio and services now that you’re more familiar with personal portfolio websites? Here is the best way to do so for beginners:

Find Inspiration Through Research

Do your research and find real professionals’ examples of successful personal portfolio websites before you dive in too deep. There is a wealth of resources for digital artists, designers and photographers to see how others in those fields are designing their portfolio sites. 

Hone Your Message & Develop A Plan

After you’ve got an idea of how you want your design and layout to appear, figure out what kind of content you want to use and how to present it. Make sure that the message is clear. Don’t leave visitors guessing what it is that you do and how they’ll benefit from it. For instance, if you are a graphic designer specializing in social media content, tell them straight up. 

Choose A Website Builder & Design

There are a plethora of easy website builders out there for you to use. Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are a few examples of platforms with many templates with custom fonts, colors and themes to choose from to create a stunning site.

Add Your Content

Create pages for your specific content types so that your site will flow in an organized way for visitors. For example, you can choose an image for your homepage with a short intro to let viewers know who you are and what you do. Your about or services page(s) can go more in-depth. Your portfolio page can feature the bulk of the work you want to display. Abe sure to include contact information and other relevant content, such as social media links, your blog or podcast.

Enhance SEO & Promote

You have to work at your SEO so that it can be your best friend and not your worst enemy. Use keyword-rich web copy to optimize your SEO throughout your website. Also, don’t be ashamed of a bit of self-promotion. Ask family and friends to share your site. Add links to your social media pages and post them on your feeds. 

Hire An Afriblocks Freelancer To Build A Superb Personal Portfolio Website

Your personal portfolio website is a great way to display your artwork and spell out your professional services to gain new clients. However, we know how busy you can be as a   freelancer, artist and entrepreneur. If you don’t have the time to build the site yourself, consider enlisting one of Afriblocks’ talented professionals to do it for you!

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