Navigating the Ethical Horizon with NextGen Ethics

By AfriBlocks Network on January, 30 2024
Navigating the Ethical Horizon with NextGen Ethics
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In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), where innovation often outpaces ethical considerations, Laura Miller has embarked on a journey of responsibility. As the Founder and CEO of NextGen Ethics, Miller is on a mission to propel ethical AI innovation forward. Additionally, she serves as the Director of Ethics at Shadowing AI and is a respected philosophy instructor at Webster University. Her extensive contributions to tech ethics have earned her recognition by NASA, a Knights of Columbus award for humanitarian efforts, and a feature in The New York Times online Lens Magazine for her ethnographic research. Miller is also actively involved in tech advisory boards, including the Open Voice Network supported by the Linux Foundation.

Unintended Entrepreneurship

Laura Miller's journey into entrepreneurship with NextGen Ethics was far from conventional. Initially, she aimed to share her insights on AI and ethics with fellow professionals. However, the overwhelming response catapulted her into an unplanned business venture. Miller likens it to stumbling into a marathon while merely intending to take a walk—a spontaneous and invigorating experience. The unexpected journey speaks volumes about the genuine interest and necessity for discussions around ethical practices in the world of AI.

Excitement in Ethical Innovation

What excites Miller most about building NextGen Ethics is the joy derived from solving complex problems. Her passion extends beyond the work itself, emphasizing a genuine interest in understanding people's struggles and contributing to solving their challenges. Miller thrives on seemingly unsolvable puzzles, reveling in the satisfaction of finding solutions. Her enthusiasm stems from connecting with like-minded individuals dedicated to 'doing ethics' and fostering a community focused on positive impact.

Team Growth Challenges and Strategic Solutions

Growing the NextGen Ethics team comes with its challenges, and for Miller, time is a perpetual constraint. The fast-paced rhythm of startup life requires individuals who thrive in a sprint-like environment. Delegating tasks is a strength, but finding the right hands for specific roles remains a challenge. Recognizing the importance of time allocation and slowing down to ask crucial questions about growth are essential aspects of overcoming this challenge. As with many entrepreneurs, financing is a constant concern, but Miller is determined to navigate the financial landscape strategically to fuel the company's progress.

Strategic Scaling

As NextGen Ethics plans for the future, the optimization of processes takes center stage. Miller emphasizes the need for skilled technologists to keep the information dynamic in an ever-evolving industry. The strategy involves growing the team strategically, and leveraging the power of AI and cloud solutions. In a landscape that thrives on diversity, the company seeks individuals with wildly diverse backgrounds and skill sets to contribute unique perspectives to their work.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Founders

Miller shares insightful "words of wisdom" for aspiring founders. ‘In the wise words of Grover Time Kempson, my 7th-grade science teacher, remember that there's no such thing as a free puppy in the world of creation and entrepreneurship. Everything demands a cost, be it your time, sanity, or resources', said Laura. She underscores the notion that creation and entrepreneurship come at a cost—whether in time, sanity, or resources. Embracing challenges, building, breaking, and rebuilding are essential steps in the journey. Informed choices act as a guiding force, steering entrepreneurs toward success. Persistence, dedication, and the willingness to sacrifice are emphasized, along with the importance of keeping one's heart on the people while the mind navigates the business terrain.

Connect with Laura Miller

For those eager to follow Laura Miller's impactful journey and stay updated on NextGen Ethics, visit NextGen Ethics. You can also connect with Laura on LinkedIn at Laura Miller - Ethicist and follow the company page at NextGen Ethics on LinkedIn. Join the community as they navigate the challenges of tech innovation and development through the lens of ethics!

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