Nepadown’s Journey to Transform Nigeria’s Energy Landscape

By AfriBlocks Network on February, 27 2024
Nepadown’s Journey to Transform Nigeria’s Energy Landscape
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

Victory Omovrah, a skilled data analyst proficient in SQL, Excel, Python, and Tableau, has embarked on a mission to transform Nigeria's energy landscape through her startup, Nepadown. In a recent interview, Omovrah shared her motivation, the excitement behind Nepadown, the challenges of growing the team, and her vision for a brighter, sustainable future.

The Motivation Behind Nepadown

"I started Nepadown because I got a remote job and needed electricity," Omovrah explained. "But with the frequent power outages in Nigeria, it was tough. I had to use a generator, which costs a lot because fuel is expensive. Plus, generators release harmful carbon emissions, which is not good for people or the environment. My aim is to promote clean energy by using data visualization to show Nigeria's blackout situation. I want to see our country lit up with clean energy, and that's what drives me."

Addressing Nigeria’s Power Outage Challenges

Nepadown, co-founded by Omovrah, serves as a platform where people can report power outages. The collected data is then meticulously extracted for visualization, with the primary goal of capturing the attention of the government and other organizations invested in the well-being of the nation. Omovrah's keen eye for detail and passion for extracting insights from data converge in this endeavor to address a critical issue affecting millions in Nigeria.

"What excites me about Nepadown is the opportunity to address a pressing issue in Nigeria: the frequent power outages and the reliance on generators," Omovrah continued. "As someone who experienced firsthand the challenges of working remotely without reliable electricity, I understand the frustration and inconvenience it brings."

The high cost of fuel for generators and the harmful emissions they produce further compound the problem, impacting both people's health and the environment. Nepadown presents a unique solution by leveraging data visualization to shed light on Nigeria's blackout situation. Through collecting and visualizing data on power outages, the platform aims to raise awareness and advocate for cleaner energy alternatives.

"My passion lies in driving positive change and seeing our country transition towards a brighter, sustainable future powered by clean energy," Omovrah emphasized. "With Nepadown, I envision a Nigeria where reliable electricity is accessible to all, transforming lives and communities for the better."

Team Growth Challenges

However, growing the Nepadown team hasn't been without challenges. Omovrah highlighted the difficulty in finding volunteers willing to work without payment, especially considering the startup's small size. As a data analyst, she has managed most aspects independently, demonstrating the dedication and perseverance required at this early stage.

Looking to the future, Omovrah expressed optimism about scaling the team as Nepadown grows and secures funding. She envisions compensating employees accordingly, ensuring the continued success of the platform in its mission to bring positive change.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Founders

Omovrah shared valuable advice for aspiring founders: "There is never a right time to start. Now is the time." This wisdom echoes her own journey, emphasizing the importance of taking the initiative and pursuing one's entrepreneurial dreams despite challenges.

For those eager to follow Victory Omovrah's journey and stay updated on Nepadown's progress, she invites readers to connect with her on LinkedIn and X.

In the hands of determined individuals like Victory Omovrah, startups like Nepadown become beacons of hope, illuminating paths to a more sustainable and brighter future.

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