Building Trust in Fintech & Responsible Innovation

By AfriBlocks Network on March, 6 2024
Building Trust in Fintech & Responsible Innovation
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In the realm of talent advisory and workforce transformation, Gretchen Keller stands as a notable figure, currently contributing her expertise to Hamlyn Williams as a key member of the Executive Search Team. Specializing in placing c-suite and executive-level individuals within the fintech and financial services sectors, Gretchen's impact reverberates across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Gretchen wears the hat of a co-founder for a captivating LinkedIn Live and podcast series titled "In Fintech We Build Trust" (IFWBT). Collaborating with compliance executive and venture partner Dana Lawrence, IFWBT aims to create a community and foster conversations among the "trust builders" of the fintech and digital assets space, particularly those working in corporate governance and related fields.


The Genesis of IFWBT

Gretchen's motivation to launch IFWBT in 2022 stemmed from her interactions with Dana Lawrence, one of the first c-suite executives she connected with upon joining Hamlyn Williams. The idea took root as they recognized the challenges faced by compliance, legal, and corporate governance professionals in their roles. Observing the friction between these professionals and business entities, the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, and fueled by a personal passion for emerging technologies, Gretchen and Dana founded IFWBT.

Speaking about the inception, Gretchen shares, "I came to the realization that their jobs can be quite difficult at times. Due to this friction, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and my own personal passion for upcoming technologies, Dana and I paired together and founded IFWBT to promote transparency and responsible innovation for the future."

Excitement in Building Trust

What excites Gretchen most about building IFWBT is the opportunity to connect with industry-leading professionals and share their insights. Inviting chief compliance officers, chief risk officers, heads of government and regulatory affairs, and other notable figures onto the show, she expresses, "It has been an incredible experience to invite industry-leading guests onto the show to ‘pick their brains’ on technological trends, recent events, and to simply learn more about their own career paths!"

The genuine enthusiasm to learn and share knowledge is evident in IFWBT's episodes, showcasing Gretchen's dedication to promoting transparency and responsible innovation in the fintech sector.

Challenges in Team Growth

As with any ambitious project, IFWBT faces challenges, primarily in assembling a team with the right mix of technical skills and industry knowledge. Gretchen emphasizes the difficulty of finding individuals who can navigate the nuances of corporate governance within crypto, fintech, and financial services while producing content that resonates with current events. This quest for a technically skilled team member underscores the multidimensional requirements of content creation in the fintech space.

Scaling the IFWBT Team

While still in the early stages of team building, Gretchen envisions the addition of a video content and creation specialist to the IFWBT team. The focus on bringing someone with the skills to cut, design, and produce content that aligns with corporate governance nuances reflects Gretchen's commitment to elevating the quality of their productions.

Words of Wisdom for Founders

In offering words of wisdom for aspiring founders, Gretchen advises, "Set goals, but manage your own expectations as well. Success is not always an upwards trajectory, but instead, progress goes through ebbs and flows. Be patient and focused with yourself and your startup. Stay consistent and do not lose sight of the end goal despite the short-term obstacles that you may run into."

Connecting with Gretchen Keller

To follow Gretchen Keller's journey and stay updated on IFWBT, readers can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Gretchen Keller's dual roles as a talent advisor and co-founder of IFWBT exemplify her commitment to driving positive change in the fintech landscape. Through her endeavors, she not only contributes to the professional growth of individuals within the financial sector but also creates a platform for meaningful conversations and community building. Gretchen's journey reflects the dynamic spirit of innovation and collaboration, making a lasting impact on the fintech and digital assets space.

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