What Does a Good Work-Life Balance Look Like in a Remote Work Setup?

By AfriBlocks Network on July, 20 2022
What Does a Good Work-Life Balance Look Like in a Remote Work Setup?
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

The work-life balance has always been one of the most pressing topics for many professionals around the world. There are several ways through which people strive to achieve this balance in a traditional work setup where employees commute to an office. Work environments have evolved, with many companies shifting to a hybrid work setup. Some people have transitioned to fully working remotely, and this is already the case for the majority of freelancers. 

When you work remotely, on a permanent contract, or as a freelancer, you can easily slip into a routine that upsets your work-life balance. You can find yourself overworking and it becomes difficult to notice because you probably spend most of your time within the confines of your home. Today, we look at how you can make sure you maintain a good work-life balance while you work remotely. 

Set a schedule and stick to it

The first thing you have to do is set a schedule and make sure that you adhere to this schedule. Having a clear schedule where you have considered all your work, and what you need in your personal time, gives you control over your time. When you are in control of your time, you are able to strike a better work-life balance as you have time specifically set aside for activities outside of work. 

A good schedule brings structure and routine into your work life. These allow you to stay on top of your deadlines and targets. When deadlines and targets are met within working hours, it means that there is little to no need for you to put in extra hours after work or during the weekends. Make sure that you build a schedule that gives you as much control over your time as possible and enables a better work-life balance.

Charge what your work is worth 

One of the biggest challenges that freelancers face is ensuring that they charge what their work is worth. The direct implication of this is that freelancers might end up being underpaid for jobs that should be earning them high amounts of money. When it comes to a work-life balance, this means that one is likely unable to afford extra activities that they would otherwise participate in if they could afford them. 

Be clear about how much you want to charge for your work before you even meet your clients. Look at everything that you need to do your job well, and this includes the things you like doing in your spare time. Your work should be able to provide you with the financial freedom that you need to achieve a proper balance between your work and your personal life. 

Create a dedicated workspace and work from there only

When you are employed in a traditional setup, it is easier to separate your work from your personal spaces such as your home. If you are a remote worker, this becomes tricky as your home is also likely to be your workspace. If you are not careful, you will find yourself carrying your laptop onto your bed and working until 10 pm. While it may be necessary to do so once in a while, it is not healthy to constantly work like that. 

Find a space in your home that you can convert into a workstation and keep all your work stuff in that space. When the schedule you have created tells you to leave the workspace, leave all of your work in your workspace and give your full attention to whatever else needs your time. Keep work at work!

Striking a work-life balance is important for your health, physical and mental, Make sure that you make time for activities that you enjoy outside of your work. Create a schedule that will help you manage your time better and include your extra activities in this schedule. Have a dedicated workspace where you keep all your work in order to keep your work outside of your personal spaces. Take time to enjoy yourself and remember that you can only give your best when you are feeling your best. 

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