4 Tips For Attracting Clients

By Taurai Minodawafa on November, 12 2021
4 Tips For Attracting Clients
Taurai Minodawafa
Taurai Minodawafa

The high volume of freelancers vying for clients’ attention and dollars may be intimidating, but it is possible to stand out and be noticed. To not get lost in the sauce, you need to develop a system so that you will be seen, heard, hired and sought-after. Focus on logic rather than your personal motivations, then flourish on the freelance marketplace. Here are four tips to help you attract the best clients. 

  1. Create niche content

Content is king for marketers, so they use it to promote a product or service and educate potential customers. The scope of “content” is vast, so you first need to identify a mode that is relatable and accessible for the majority of your audience. In addition to this, since you’re the one that will be making the content, you need to pick the medium that works best for you. This could be a range of things from a blog, YouTube channel, website, Instagram page, etc.. It is important to choose an avenue you like because you’ll be the one using it. Don’t just post anything to satisfy a posting schedule. Be deliberate in your approach and create content that you find meaningful, distinct and innovative.

  1. Find your audience and target it

Net, you must refine your audience. You may want to book any client you want, but what you really want are the best clients. Producing content for a target audience helps to build trust and help customers with their decision to purchase a product/service. Make a list of companies or individuals you’d love to work with, then make a strategic plan to zero in on them. Interact with them as much as possible through contributing articles, tagging them in posts or simply contacting the proper person in their camp to express interest in their brand. If that doesn’t work, try in-person networking, too. You can gain traction by signing up for freelancer meet-ups, checking out your nearest co-working space or going to a marketing expo where your favourite companies will be on hand displaying their products/services. Remember, when you reach out, you are the face of your brand. Talk about what you have to offer as an individual that could be a benefit to them. Also, speak on your aspirations and what you are trying to do. The more connections you make, the closer you are to building your desired audience. 

  1. Get the detail right

The vast sea of freelancers offering their services could be overwhelming for clients. Do what you have to do to make sure your portfolio stands out from the rest. Marketers often develop offers and comparable content to push customers towards buying. Like marketers, create an offer that is too good to turn down by solidifying your portfolio. Show your latest project, write an engaging bio and boast your specialities. When a company you’re interested in posts a job opening, get ahead of the competition by taking note of what skills and areas of expertise they are looking for and tailor your profile to meet those standards more. Don’t lie about anything, but take time to learn their voice and keywords and knead them into your resume. The best clients want to see that you pay attention!

  1. Be transparent

When the top clients come, stay professional, aim to please and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Trust and confidence will be built with the proper level of transparency at all points of contact. Ask for feedback, too. The same way companies study user data to improve products/services, you can use their feedback to enhance your offerings. Good feedback will also help you to better understand your client and their needs. Draft an email, create a survey, link to a feedback page or request a phone/video meeting. It can be simple as long as your client is given the opportunity to express their thoughts. 

Clients’ trust will increase the more you invest in yourself. Do what you must to gain leverage and traction to keep them coming back. It may be a slow grind with clients paying the least for the most, but it will pay off with consistency. 

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