Founders' Spotlight: Revolutionizing Social Media with Moodflik

By AfriBlocks Network on September, 22 2023
Founders' Spotlight: Revolutionizing Social Media with Moodflik
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John Awoyomi, a versatile professional with experience in various fields, has embarked on a mission to transform the social media landscape. Starting his career in sales and later transitioning to banking and finance, John's journey has taken him through diverse roles, including business analyst and qualified environmentalist. However, his true passion lies in tech entrepreneurship, where he thrives on bringing new ideas to existing ways of doing things. Inspired by the shortcomings of existing social media platforms, John conceived Moodflik, a unique platform that offers an alternative approach to creating and consuming social media content. In this article, we delve into John's motivations, the concept behind Moodflik, and his words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Birth of Moodflik

John Awoyomi's brainchild, Moodflik, was born out of his observation that existing social media platforms often suffer from information overload, high traffic volumes, and lengthy articles and posts. Moreover, the constant influx of images from different aspects of life can be overwhelming. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined and personalized experience, John envisioned a platform where users could let others know what their content is about, allowing them to choose whether or not to consume it. Moodflik aims to categorize content based on its emotional impact, with green indicating joy and red representing content that may evoke negative emotions. By providing users with color-coded content options, Moodflik offers a refreshing alternative to the current social media landscape.

The Excitement of Progress 

John Awoyomi is presently thrilled to witness Moodflik evolve from an idea to a fully functional app and website. Collaborating with developers and designers, he is excited about the progress being made and the prospect of launching the platform to a wider audience. Currently, Moodflik has a test group of approximately 20 users, and John's focus is on increasing the user base and scaling the platform. However, he acknowledges the challenges that come with being a non-tech founder. "Trying to articulate your needs and ensuring that the developers fully understand your vision when you don't have the tech skills yourself is a major hurdle', John said. "You can only see the differences between the product and your vision once it is already done and sometimes, you have no choice but to go back and fix the issues you see which makes the entire process longer than it should be."

Words of Wisdom

Drawing from his own entrepreneurial journey, John Awoyomi shares valuable words of wisdom for aspiring founders:

  • Know Your Why: Understanding the purpose and value of your product is crucial. Knowing why people need it and why you are passionate about it will keep you grounded and motivated.
  •  Be Stubborn but Flexible: While it's important to have goals and a vision for your product, it's equally important to be open to feedback and adaptable to changes. There will be people who try to sway you from your path, but knowing when to be flexible and when to stand firm is a skill that every entrepreneur should cultivate.
  • Embrace a Learning Mindset: No one is perfect, and as an entrepreneur, it's essential to acknowledge that there is always room for growth and improvement. Be open to learning from others, whether it's through mentorship, networking, or continuous self-education. Embracing a learning mindset will help you stay ahead of the game and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.
  • Know Your Product and Market: In order to succeed, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of your product and its potential market. Conduct thorough research to identify your target audience, their needs, and how your product can provide a solution. Understanding the market trends and staying updated on industry developments will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Research Business People and Investors: When seeking funding or partnerships, it's important to remember that investors and business people not only evaluate your product but also assess you as a founder. Take the time to research and understand what they look for in entrepreneurs. Present yourself as someone who is not only passionate about your product but also capable of executing and scaling it effectively.
  • Surround Yourself with Knowledgeable Individuals: Building a strong support network is crucial for success. Surround yourself with people who are experts in their respective fields and who can provide guidance and support. Having a diverse team with complementary skills and knowledge will help you overcome challenges and make informed decisions.

John Awoyomi's journey as an entrepreneur and his creation of Moodflik demonstrate the power of identifying gaps in existing systems and finding innovative solutions. With his passion for tech entrepreneurship and his commitment to creating a more personalized social media experience, John is poised to make a significant impact in the industry. His words of wisdom serve as valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of staying true to your vision, embracing flexibility, continuous learning, and surrounding yourself with a strong support network. With Moodflik on the verge of launching, John's entrepreneurial journey is set to inspire others to challenge the status quo and create positive change in their respective fields.

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