Founders' Spotlight: Pioneering Innovation in Game Development at Septarap Studios

By AfriBlocks Network on November, 21 2023
Founders' Spotlight: Pioneering Innovation in Game Development at Septarap Studios
AfriBlocks Network
AfriBlocks Network

We had the pleasure of interviewing Shubham Bora, the founder of Septarap Studios, headquartered in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Canada. His journey from facing rejection in the traditional job market to establishing his own gaming studio embodies resilience, creativity, and a passion for immersive storytelling through video games.

Motivation Amidst Rejection

"Post my graduation as a Game Designer, I applied to every game studio I could find, but got rejected from each and every one of them," Shubham recounted. The paradox of requiring experience for entry-level positions left him disheartened, with connections in the gaming industry gradually fading away.

However, this setback fueled his entrepreneurial spirit. "I knew I had the skillsets required, even though I had no professional experience. So I decided to start my own studio," he explained. Shubham's determination to turn his ideas into reality coupled with the support of like-minded individuals became the cornerstone of Septarap Studios.

Excitement in Innovation

For Shubham, the allure of game development lies in its immersive nature. "Video games are the best form of entertainment consumption," he remarked. His enthusiasm for creating interactive experiences resonates deeply as he aims to craft unique game concepts and mechanics, driven by a desire to captivate audiences through storytelling.

Overcoming Challenges

Building a team and managing a business posed significant challenges. Shubham admitted his initial lack of entrepreneurial skills. "Raising funds, sustaining the business, finding cost-effective communication methods with the team—all were daunting tasks," he confessed. Additionally, learning the art of scoping game projects accurately to meet deadlines was a pivotal lesson in his journey.

Future Scaling and Empathy

Shubham's vision for scaling Septarap Studios involves a step-by-step approach. With a small yet talented team comprising a 3D artist and sound designer, he aims to expand further. His emphasis on recruiting deserving entry-level individuals, especially those impacted by economic downturns, reflects his empathy and understanding of their struggles.

Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on his journey, Shubham offered profound advice to aspiring founders. "If you've faced rejection multiple times, it's natural to feel disheartened. But turn that restlessness into motivation," he urged. Drawing from personal experience, he emphasized the importance of choosing resilience over despondency, encouraging others to create their own success stories.

Connect with Shubham

For those seeking to connect with Shubham and explore his innovative ventures, simply search for Septarap on social media platforms or reach out via email at

Shubham Bora's journey exemplifies the power of perseverance, creativity, and empathy in the entrepreneurial landscape. His dedication to crafting engaging gaming experiences and uplifting fellow creators serves as an inspiration for aspiring founders navigating their own paths to success.

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